Agriculture Futures

Manage risk, facilitate price discovery, and capture market opportunities with PANEX Multi-currency harmonised clearing

Agricultural futures contracts are standardized according to the amount of commodity being bought or sold, the expected time and place of delivery, and quality of the product. The agricultural futures markets bring together buyers and sellers who have opposing price risks.

Sellers/farmers are worried about commodity prices falling, while buyers of coffee, maize or wheat are worried about prices rising. Both parties have the opportunity of locking into a future price by either buying or selling agricultural futures contracts.

Product Report and News

Zambia to start live bond, derivatives trading

PAN Africa Exchange (PANEX) is next month expected to launch live trading in bond and derivatives in Zambia, company chief executive officer Jacob Maaga has said. PANEX is a fully electronic marketplace designed to trade bonds, equities and derivatives and … Continue reading Zambia to start live bond, derivatives trading