Currency Futures

Manage risk, facilitate price discovery, and capture market opportunities with PANEX Multi-currency harmonised clearing

PANEX offers active traders, portfolio managers, proprietary trading groups and corporations with access to exchange traded currency futures (foreign exchange or FX futures) markets an alternative venue or liquidity source for their over-the-counter foreign currency (spot) transactions.

Unlike their over-the-counter foreign currency counterparts, FX futures are traded on the PANEX exchange platform. PANEX offers all African currency futures which will become the largest regulated foreign exchange marketplace in Africa.

Product Report and News

Zambia to start live bond, derivatives trading

PAN Africa Exchange (PANEX) is next month expected to launch live trading in bond and derivatives in Zambia, company chief executive officer Jacob Maaga has said. PANEX is a fully electronic marketplace designed to trade bonds, equities and derivatives and … Continue reading Zambia to start live bond, derivatives trading