About Us

The Pan Africa Exchange (PANEX) is a Pan-African focused international exchange. It is a demutualized, fully electronic multi-asset exchange. Our mission is to create fair and transparent markets for the continent of Africa. We facilitate price discovery and provide innovative solutions to improve fairness and transparency in trading between small-scale farmers, traders and agro-processors. We also provide hedging mechanisms that remove counter-party risk and enable financing through an electronic warehouse receipt system. As an exchange, we provide an efficient platform for the allocation and flow of capital between issuers and investors through listing of equity and debt. PANEX is licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission in Zambia.

Governance and Transparency

PANEX is fully demutualized, separating the membership and ownership. The trading platform provides clear market transparency and trade execution on a time priority basis.


PANEX is an electronic marketplace designed to trade equities, bonds and derivatives. Featuring state of the art technology, this FIX (Financial Information Exchange) compliant, an all-electronic platform is comprised of a matching engine, order management system, brokerage platform, clearing member platform and the clearinghouse infrastructure. Additionally, an Electronic Warehouse Receipt system supports commodities financing.